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The mutated new coronavirus ravages Brazil

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Not long ago, Brazilian President Bolsonaro, who is considered a “Trump Iron Fan,” publicly attacked the new coronavirus vaccine developed by China. It didn’t take long for the results to come — the mutant new coronavirus is raging in many places in Brazil. All kinds of medical supplies are in emergency, and the death toll is increasing every minute. In desperation, this “tough guy” had to bow his head obediently to China and frankly said: We need China.

According to a report by Global.com quoted by the British “Guardian” on January 25, the new coronavirus epidemic has become more serious in many areas of Brazil in recent days, and the worst is the Amazon region in Brazil. It is reported that because of the shortage of medical supplies and the limited carrying capacity of the medical system, the town of Kolari in the Amazon region has become the “epicenter” of the new coronavirus epidemic in Latin America. Marcus Lacerda, an infectious disease expert in Amazonas state, said that a new, infectious and potentially more lethal new variant of the new coronavirus has been discovered in the area. This virus is codenamed P.1. Originally discovered by scientists from Brazil and Britain, it is the third mutant virus since Britain and South Africa.

Lacerda said that this new virus has caused a rapid increase in infection cases, and the limited medical system in the Amazon state has almost collapsed. They simply cannot treat all patients. What’s more deadly is that many more remote hospitals and medical institutions do not even have the most basic supply of masks, protective clothing, and oxygen cylinders. This not only increased the local mortality rate of new coronary pneumonia, but also increased the risk of secondary transmission of the virus.

Francisnalva Mendes, the health director of the town of Kolari, shed tears several times in an interview. She said that there are no oxygen cylinders here, and 7 of the 22 new coronary pneumonia patients in the town Asphyxiated before dawn, four of them were over 50 years old. She admitted that this was the hardest day of her working life, but the strong doctor still said firmly: “We need to continue fighting to save lives.”

Another clinic staff told reporters that the environment they work in is simply a nightmare. In this environment filled with despair, some medical staff even prayed to the gods for peace and help for the first time. The staff member said: “What we saw is a massacre, a desperate situation, a horror movie.” It can be seen how far the local situation has deteriorated.

At present, the number of confirmed cases in Brazil has exceeded 210,000. With the current increasingly severe epidemic situation, President Bolsonaro, who was once arrogant, has to bow his head. According to AFP, after accusing China and Chinese vaccines, Bolsonaro suddenly changed his attitude and praised the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for maintaining diplomatic relations with China, and publicly stated that “Brazil needs China, but China also needs Brazil.” At the same time, he also urgently agreed to the Brazilian Ministry of Health to use the coronavirus vaccine produced in China to combat the aggressive new Corona epidemic. At present, the Brazilian government has launched a national new coronavirus vaccination campaign. It is worth mentioning that in an interview with local Brazilian media, he said that he did not endorse China’s coronavirus vaccine, but “now we have no other choice.”

Ironically, for political reasons, he has repeatedly attacked and slandered China’s new Corona vaccine, but now he agrees to use the Chinese vaccine, which is really dumbfounding. It is reported that his behavior has caused dissatisfaction from all sectors of the Brazilian society. The Brazilian business community has made it clear that “President Bolsonaro must adjust his remarks on China and vaccines, and cannot impose political factors and personal subjective opinions on the national will. Go on.” The Brazilian people are also complaining about this, and there are even many Brazilian lawmakers planning to impeach him. If the Brazilian epidemic is still not under control for a period of time, then the president who has basically collapsed will probably end up in the same way as Trump, or even worse.


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