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Humanitarian Response Plan Snapshot (December 2020)

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

The Tigray armed conflict is happening in a context of increasing humanitarian needs resulting from protracted food insecurity, displacement, recurrent and new disease outbreaks and the persisting desert locust infestations, thus further accentuating the complexity and existing vulnerabilities of the population in Tigray and bordering Regions of Amhara and Afar. Tigray Region hosts 855,000 people targeted in the HRP 2020 (750,000 non-displaced people, 100,600 IDPs and 5,600 IDP returnees), 99,900 refugees and over 1 million PSNP clients of which 250,000 receive regular direct support. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the conflict and are displaced within Tigray, from Tigray to Amhara and Afar Regions, and crossing international borders to Sudan.

The updated Humanitarian Response Plan for Northern Ethiopia aims to mobilize a response to sustain relief assistance to the already existing 950,000 HRP beneficiaries and refugees present in Tigray and provide protection and assistance to the estimated 1.3 million newly impacted people by the on-going crisis. The Plan targets a total of 2.3 million people, of which over 75 percent are children and women, and 18 percent are people with disabilities, with a multisectoral requirement of US$ 116.5 million. The outstanding funding stands at US$ 63.4 million.

Read more infographic on OCHA’s website.

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