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‘Ethiopia to welcome mediation of Turkey with Sudan’

Anadolu Agency | ‘War is not an agenda. If mediation is offered by Turkey, Ethiopia will appreciate it,’ says Foreign Ministry spokesperson


If offered, Ethiopia would appreciate the Turkish government’s mediation on the recent border conflict with Sudan, said the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Ambassador Dina Mufti underscored that the Ethio-Sudanese border conflict could be solved through diplomatic means.

With a 1,600-km (994-mile) long shared border, Ethiopia and Sudan face issues regarding the Fashaga Triangle, a decades-long-disputed border without hard demarcation.

The spokesperson also appreciated the constructive relations within the Horn of Africa despite the recent issues with Sudan.

“Without exaggerating, We now have a great relationship with Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, and Sudan despite the unfortunate borders situation that is created the other day,” he added.

He also urged cooperation and the creation of a grow-together spirit throughout the region. “The relationship in the north is changing for good. However, we need to cooperate in this regard,” he also noted.

Regarding the operation in Tigray, he said Ethiopia has already started rehabilitation and widened the humanitarian aid reach throughout the whole region.

“So far, 80% of the region has been covered. The rest is eventually opening, and Ethiopia mobilizes its aid to that area too,” Dina added.

Mentioning the misinformation campaign against the country, he said some forces make a “fortune” out of the “crisis” in developing countries like Ethiopia.

‘We want Ethio-Turkish relations to flourish’

Reminding the strategic bilateral ties, Dina Mufti told Anadolu Agency that Ethiopia wants the relations to flourish in various areas, including developmental, security, and economy.

During their visit to Turkey on Feb. 15-16, the ambassador said Ethiopia and Turkey’s foreign ministers had discussed further strengthening of socio-economic and security ties.

On Feb. 15, Ethiopia and Turkey have celebrated the 125th anniversary of diplomatic relations as Demeke Mekonnen, the Ethiopian deputy prime minister and foreign minister, arrived in Turkey for a brief work visit.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, with his counterpart Demeke, has also inaugurated Ethiopia’s new embassy building in the capital Ankara.

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