Ethiopian Kirubel Yilam Breaks Guinness World Records For Achieving the Longest Time To Spray Water From the Mouth

Guinness World Records

Twenty-year-old Kirubel Yilma from Ethiopia has landed himself in the record books after demonstrating a unique and jaw-dropping talent in front of an audience in Addis Ababa.
Watch Kirubel guzzle down numerous bottles of water and attempt to achieve the Guinness World Records title for Longest time to spray water from the mouth:

Kirubel Yilma, Guinness World Records holder for Longest time to spray water from the mouth

The rules for this challenge state that the spraying of water must be continuous with no pause at all.
With a record of 46.86 seconds to beat, Kirubel smashes the record with an impressive new time of 56.36 seconds.
How does he do it? Kirubel says he is able to regurgitate water from his stomach.

“Additionally, I am a second year medical student at Addis Ababa University so I have the knowledge of how to use my muscles effectively so as to break the record,” he said.
The student says he was motivated to try and break the record after seeing the previous record holder, Dickson Oppong aka Waterman from Ghana, on TV.
Kirubel has spent years mastering his breathing technique and was thrilled to achieve the title.
Watch this space as he hopes to raise the record to one minute in the future.


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