Replication Exercises for Introductory Econometrics (6 ed.)#

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Welcome to the stata version of the replication exercises. The replication exercise assumes that:

You have access to stata, you have downloaded Wooldridge’s dataset and you have set a working directory in stata that contains all the necessary dataset in it.

Alternatively, if you are connected to the internet you can use the bcuse command to load the data. Read more about the bcuse command here.

It is important to keep in mind that we are using the 6th Edition of the text book. At some point you may encounter that the data used here may not be available on your desktop. But do not panic. This is because you have data for previous editions and later editions come with extra materials (i.e. exercises and dataset). You can update your data from CRAN - Package wooldridge using the free statistical software R.

For example, for the replication exercises in Chapter 7 I had to import data from R using the the following code snippet in R:

write.dta(beauty, "~/Desktop/beauty.dta") ## to save to the working directory (here Desktop)

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